‘My pig is the real-life Babe – he acts just like a dog and loves cheesecake’

A porky pig has been dubbed the real-life Babe because he acts just like a dog. Cheddar the miniature pig, from Yorkshire, goes out for walks on a lead, wags his tail and lies on the floor to get his belly rubbed – similar to his canine pals.

Owner Jessica, 22, decided to buy the swine last January after making the shift to working from home, as she’s wanted a pig since she was six-years-old. With Brits up and down the country seeing their food bills rise, Jessica says she spends £45 a week feeding her pet pig, who gets a full breakfast, lunch and dinner like a human.

And much like the silver screen film star Babe, 18-month-old Cheddar hangs out with dog Murphy, thinking he’s one of them.

He even mimics a bark by grunting when he is hungry, roams freely around the home and has a pile of toys to play with and gnaws on a chunk of wood to keep his teeth healthy.

“I’ll never eat pork again – pigs really are amazing and intelligent,” Jessica told NeedToKnow.online.

“My parents absolutely idolise him and call him their ‘grand-pig’. He’s just like a puppy, he gets his teeth and chews anything I put down. And I mean anything.

“I have to make sure all wires are high up and nothing he can get to is out. It’s like having a child. When it’s time for bed he gets himself ready by dragging all his blankets and pillows into his corner.

“He’s just the friendliest pet. He absolutely loves new people and will slump on the floor for them to stroke him. He is spoilt and can roam around the living room and garden as he pleases. I still manage to keep it all clean.

“There is a mud pile in the garden which we let him enjoy. I just use a blanket to wash him off. I love being able to work from home and spend time with my baby pig.”

Jessica shares life in the Yorkshire countryside with Cheddar, dog Murphy and rabbit Axel on Instagram (@cheddarandpals) – with social media users lapping up the weekly snaps.

One Instagram user commented on a recent picture: “Adorable,” while another person added: “You are such a cutie.”

“Oh Cheds you have the bestest smile!! [sic],” said a third person. A fourth social media user wrote: “Awwww so cute I wanna hug him!!”

Someone else said: “Ohhhh I’m in love,” followed by a love heart eye emoji. “Cheddar is the best! Love his set up, one lucky piggy,” added someone else.