Stylist reveals unwritten rules for guest’s wedding outfits and how to avoid any faux pas

Whether you’re the bride, a bridesmaid or even just one of the regular guests, it can often feel like there’s a lot of rules when it comes to weddings – spoken or otherwise. Even something as simple as deciding what to wear to a wedding can feel like an impossible task, as you try and balance the art of looking nice without hogging any of the limelight.

While most of us might not know where to begin, fashion expert Emily Stott, who works as style ambassador for Stitch Fix UK, has revealed how to tackle those tricky unspoken rules. To start off with, Emily outlined some of the more commonly known rules, such as avoiding all white and wearing comfortable shoes – because bare feet during the ceremony is not a good look.

Instead, the stylist has suggested guests use the opportunity to wear exciting and vivid colours they wouldn’t usually go for, so they can “shine in their own unique way”.

She said: “My one big exception would be the colour white, for obvious reasons! However, if you’re keen to wear a lighter hue of clothing, opt for a pastel shade, such as a sunny yellow, dusty pink or baby blue.”

“I’d always recommend bringing a pair of flat shoes in your handbag to ensure you can comfortably dance the night away, but above all, the most important thing is to ensure you feel confident in what you’re wearing,” Emily added.

While many wedding guests might feel compelled to splash out on lavish new dresses for the event, Emily says there’s no need to buy something new every time – but if you do invest, make sure it’s something you’ll get a chance to re-wear.

“Wedding wear can be a huge investment for just one day. When you buy a new outfit for a wedding, consider the full life cycle of your look. Crucially, how you can re-style the look for more than one wedding this summer and even weave the pieces into your everyday wardrobe,” she said.

“Focus on purchasing items that you love and that fit you perfectly, that way you’ll definitely want to wear them again and again.”

The top and bottom of it is, as long as you look and feel comfortable, and avoid wearing a big, white wedding dress, you’re probably good to go.